If you come from a creative point of view that as a FIFA 15 COINS

Of course, this cottage FM tactical intervention options or too little, can only be adjusted on both tactical and focused degree, over-reliance on the value of the players and the team state data. But in the face of the team’s belly when it really can save you a lot of time, to avoid unnecessary operations. We also hope that the future of the mobile version of FIFA 15 COINS able to absorb the Score! Classic Goals (Score! Classic Goals) series of elements, this idea will be bigger and stronger. After all, the future of mobile football game is no longer in the hands-on operational sense, but happy to get a game manipulated in indirect control.
Despite joined the straight ball, but still extremely limited means of attack; returning to the paper auditorium
After the re-return to the virtual button control mode, the game also offers two options for new and old players. Amateur mode is equivalent to the host version of automatic ball line and strength are completed with the aid of AI, which makes the game process is relatively smooth. And professional mode operation is the accuracy of the players have higher requirements, we can also use the manual came under the crutches of the state will never pass out of the strike. Especially after adding a through ball, the offensive finally taste point thought of. Touch mode still exists, but in addition to a player other than for switching cursor click on the screen and not much practical place.
If you come from a creative point of view that as a judge, then we can indeed be called an insincere mediocre. But moving the football game is not the time to fight the idea, which is imperative to establish their own profit model, and to find a balance between the needs of players and core elements of the purchase, and FIFA 15 just taken a welcome step.



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