increased as a truly Football Manager taste of the new features

The next generation of FIFA 15 coins completed once again called revolutionary evolution, although we will not rival tour edition FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, hereinafter referred to as FIFA 15) have the same expectations , but FIFA 15 the mobile version of the performance point of view (such as free strategy, gesture control and other factors), EA Sports really want to establish as soon as possible to move the football game modes.
While motion capture data or the old set, but this made the picture a lot cleaner than it did before
This is one for FIFA since three years ago to open a new profit model – Ultimate Team as the core of the game. Players need to worry about is how to lead a group of brass public face level players, through victory to big money, so purchase a higher level of player. As before, although the execution is not high, but still bright spots of full-touch operation, was also replaced old virtual buttons – at least no longer is the flagship. Simply put, the FIFA series has been reduced to a target staring players pocketbook cash game. However, after a period of time to experience our preconceptions that will slowly change.
Internet stroll to rejuvenate played an important role. You believe that? Overly strict Internet regulation will lead to employee dissatisfaction, thereby reducing efficiency, contrary to the original intention of the implementation of control systems, the rest, need to find a good balance.
Adjust tactics and focus of the players at each position
Even a F2P game, FIFA 15 coins did not rely on stamina and a variety of quirky slot restrictions, so you just feel that we should place Shadeng after some refreshment. And if you really can hold a kick plate two to three hours, and the record is not bad, then the virtual currency you get enough to buy a long time favorite players.
Although independent manager mode does not occur, but this has increased as a truly Football Manager taste of the new features. Fast simulation (Quick Simulation) option will allow players to field 11 Muppets operator from the shade, truly becomes a pointing country sitting on the bench, manager, a live game screen is also CM, FM Early series of text broadcast instead.
Safety management, the system will inevitably fail, if employees blindly trust the system, but there is no fundamental right and wrong judgments and abnormal recognition ability, it is very dangerous, and these can only rely on safety education to help solve.



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