One Day One edition to get a free copy of FIFA 15

European FIFA gamers must have been excited to get the news that they would be able to get a free copy of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team when pre-order the oncoming Xbox One. However, the super awesome announcement Microsoft made at just-ended Gamescom 2013 turned out to be an eye-catching offer as a bunch of fans that plan to get a pre-order expecting the game might not see their hopes of a free game hitting the back of the net.
Microsoft has clarified that only those who pre-order the Xbox One Day One edition will get a free copy of FIFA 15. Microsoft executive once claiming that “all pre-orders for Xbox One this holiday will include a copy of FIFA 15 at no extra cost” leads fans to be confused. Whereas, according to the Xbox Europe’s social marketing manager, Graeme Boyd’s word from his tweet: “Had a few questions on this so wanted to clarify: FIFA 15 will only come free with Xbox One Day One Edition pre-orders, while stocks last”, European fans have no choice but to get the Xbox One Day One edition to get a free copy of FIFA 15.
Though Xbox One Day One edition and FIFA 15 coins edition are not much distinctive beside a specially printed controller and an exclusive Achievement, fans’ chances of getting a free copy of FIFA 15 may already have passed, which is certainly not the picture that was being painted at Gamescom last month since many European outlets are already sold out of said Day One edition and there’s been a lot of standard edition pre-orders of the console from those no-doubt expecting the free game since the announcement.
No doubt are there a lot of fans being disappointed even complained that they failed to get a free copy of FIFA 15. Microsoft was supposed to take the lead a bit with the bundle with upcoming FIFA 15, but now it is not sure if they will get a complimentary feedback.
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO, Jim Ryan once appraised that Microsoft’s decision to give away FIFA 15 to those who pre-ordered the Xbox One “kind of odd” and he claimed the PlayStaition 4 is “still doing fine”. The PlayStation 4 indeed still is in a lead, but Xbox One is back in the race. FIFA 15 versions of next generation consoles are scheduled to be launched in November. Which one you would like to choose?
FIFA 15 Vita – No Fresh Gameplay Improvements
Gamescom 2013 conference closed. A variety of EA Sports’ big announcements and latest trailers are still spreading worldwide in full swing. FIFA Ultimate Team fans focus on the rich information of features and improvements of upcoming iteration for next generation consoles. There are still a limited number of fans who used to play FIFA 13 Ultimate Team version of Vita, which has little news about.
FIFA Ultimate Team is coming to the PlayStation Vita System for the third year in a row with FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. Last year’s Vita game, FIFA 13, drew criticism for including no significant differences to launch game FIFA Football, and this year the deal is much the same just with new kits added. If you were planning on picking it up, you may need to reconsider since it look like charging full price for what is essentially a squad update with no new gameplay improvements is a joke.
As fans’ praises, FIFA Soccer was one of the best sports game at the PlayStation Vita platform, but FIFA Soccer 13 version did lack many of the new features from its console siblings. Where FIFA’s first outing on the PlayStation Vita, simply titled FIFA Football, eschewed a numerical moniker, the latest version proudly slaps a 13 onto its name. And with that number comes a lot of expectation: the hope that this isn’t just another weaker, slimmed-down port, but a true portable version of a console classic. Sadly, that isn’t the case. The prospect of shilling out for two reskinned versions of FIFA 11 twice in the same year isn’t exactly the most fiscally savvy prospect. There are no exclusive Vita-only game modes, online or offline, and to add insult to injury there isn’t even a whiff of FIFA 13’s awesome online interactivity. What fans have been given is almost identical to my PS3 copy of FIFA 11.
As far as I concerned, the FIFA 15 version of PlayStation Vita system has been confirmed to be released together with FIFA 15 versions of Xbox 360, PlayStaion 3 and PC on September 24th in North America and worldwide on 27th. As FIFA Soccer 13 was criticized, those who have bought this version even indicated without hesitation that spending money on FIFA Soccer 13 vs. FIFA Soccer is simply a waste of money. Fans would get the exact same game at a much lower price by buying the former edition. So will it bring less popularity because EA Sports’ seems to repeat the history that FIFA 15 on Vita is another reskin?
Legends Mode and Career Mode Help FIFA 15 Take a Great Leap Ahead Over PES 2015



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