a crippling addiction which I just can’t seem to shift

There are a few odd design choices though, especially within the search options. The inability to search for a manager by nationality is probably the most annoying and also the most confusing because nationality is a mainstay in the player search. It’s a small problem in the grand scheme of things but that’s why it grates so much, because it’s easy to remedy.
Another concern is the inability to move Club items to your trade pile when using the Ultimate Team Web App. You can do it on the console, so why not on the web? This means you’re always wary not to “send all items to club” when using the Web App as valuable consumables can be lost in to the abyss and only returned by taking a trip to your console.
It’s worth mentioning as well that stability?hasn’t?been the Web Apps strong point during the FIFA 15 release. I’m sure the issues can be filed under “teething problems” but none the less it’s not the kind of service you’d expect from EA at launch. Seeing the message “FUT Web has reached its maximum number of users” does raise eyebrows and it ever so slightly tarnishes an otherwise exemplary experience.?I appreciate that capping the number of Web App users is to protect the console experience, but for a franchise and publisher so big, capacity management really?shouldn’t?be this much of an issue.
The FIFA 15 coins is a crippling addiction which I just can’t seem to shift and free gifts aside, there’s always a reason to return time and time, again. The Ultimate Team Web App is a shining example of how good development can enhance the overall FIFA experience beyond even the highest of expectations.
It’s still a few nips and tucks away from being brilliant, but minor gripes aside the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Web App is a resounding success, when it’s live…
When it comes to competitive matches with your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, the only place to play is online. With the only limiting factor to the type of Ultimate Team you decide to create being your own imagination, the variety that can be seen online at times is truly staggering. From league and nationality themes, to coalitions of random players and even left foot only teams, there’s rarely a dull moment in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team online matches.
There’s a real surprise element to Ultimate Team online because until you and your opponent are joined you have no idea beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold what on earth you’ll be coming up against. A swathe of black in-form cards always sends chills down the spine as the team sheets are revealed and seeing Emile Heskey leading the line perhaps even more so.
It’s a shame then that it’s the community’s innovation and dedication to team building that is inspiring the online arena because the tournament structure in Ultimate Team itself?hasn’t?moved on a great deal from FIFA 11. The differing entry criteria and featured tournaments maintain the interest to a certain extent but it’s the variety of your opponents which really make the mode sing. Knock-out football is the most intense form of sporting competition but as a singular strategy, I don’t feel it’s enough to carry the weight of an entire mode.



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