FIFA 15 Review brings us to Ultimate Team

Part 4 of the FSB FIFA 15 Review brings us to Ultimate Team, will this years improvements be enough to drag you away from Career Mode and Head to Head Online seasons?
Ultimate Team has seen a welcome makeover in the aesthetics department for FIFA 15 and compared to its predecessor the changes made certainly enhance the experience. Where FIFA 11 Ultimate Team was dark and dingy, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is pleasantly bright and warm, especially in the main and squad selection screens. It’s reminiscent of the original FIFA 15 coins design and as a hark back to the birth of the mode, that dose of nostalgia works wonders to freshen the Ultimate Team landscape once again.
Sadly, some of FIFA 15 Ultimate Teams menus are blighted by EA’s odd affinity for plugging dead space with shades of grey. The most glaring example of this is without doubt the Leader-boards menu where beyond the club crests, the environment surrounding you is depressingly bland.
It’s a real shame because some of the presentation on the console and the web is outstanding, but in less prominent sub-menus the styling appears to have run out of ideas. And because there is this disparity in presentation quality, Ultimate Team does lack cohesion especially on the console.
Inconsistently brilliant is probably the best assessment I can give of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team’s presentation and styling.
Ultimate Team Web App
If you were to rate new additions to FIFA on a scale of impact, then the Ultimate Team Web App is perhaps one of the most successful we’ve seen this generation. How we ever managed to trawl the auction market without it is a mystery to me and its implementation in FIFA 15 is just as good if not better.
The biggest plus point is obviously usability, as a mouse and keyboard will easily dispatch the controller when it comes to navigation. Everything drags and drops, button presses are minimal, exploration is simple and on the whole it’s very responsive. The Web App is the Mecca for serious Ultimate Team players and the re-skin for FIFA 15 has focussed on improving the smaller details which combine for greater effect.



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