see if fifa 15 coins pc can handle the game

The only problem I and many others have is that you can’t change the controls! I am not saying that it lags or anything. Too be honest it run smooth as if it’s one of the old FIFA 15 coins games.
gosh, this is a fucking demo, its just to see if ur pc can handle the game, which it obviously can .. of course u can change and save ur controls in the full game, this is pretty much a benchmark test like they’ve said ..
When i open fifa15_demo all i got is “FIFA Launcher has stopped working” and the description is “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.” and the only option i got is “Close the program”
OKay it runs smoothly for 1-2 mins then i face a bit of Lag. Any solution?
AMD Radeon HD 8750D new drivers installed..?
And too hot is not an option either cause i tried running the game when my pc was freshly turned on
AMD Radeon HD 8570D New drivers installed and pc freshly started so overheat can’t be the problem either..



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