can be found in the homepage or in the fifa 15 coins

Total number of Followers. It measures how big is the social media audience. The description of the Twitter account describes website and its services to the social media users. Total number of Tweets. It measures how much websites talk to its social media audience. Total number of people who added this Twitter account to their lists. The URL of the found Twitter account page. Where site or its webmaster resides. The date of Twitter account creation. A Twitter account link can be found in the homepage or in the fifa 15 coins.
If you have no twitter account create a new one. If you have specify it as explained here Incorage your visitors in expressing their opinion in social media
The IP of a server identifies it. It can be unique or shared between multiple sites. Domain age is a measure of how much a site is old. Older sites have normally more importance and are more trustworthy than young ones. Server location specifies where it is physically. The registar is the authority where fifa 15 is registered. The date fifa 15 was registered for the first time. The next date fifa 15 will expire. The owner usually renews every year its domain, but some prefer buying more than a year only.
How Social Media Impact is calculated



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