aiming at developing it better and more proactive

Fifa 15 coins has introduced a series of tougher bans for Ultimate Team cheaters. That is, users or players in this game can catch cheaters in the Ultimate Team online mode.

In development for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii, PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS,?FIFA 15?will be available in the UK from September 26 and in North America from September 23.

In an open letter to fans, EA Sports give players some notice that using bots to farm coins in Ultimate Team is one of the ways to cheat. And using bots or the third party bot services to buy Transfer Market items automatically so as to get unfair advantages is also the ways of cheating.

“IfFifa 15 coins game players have been found that they use bots, the other 3rd party bots services or the any other scripts concerning cheating, they will be accepted ban process as below.” Players who will firstly receive a warning if they have been caught by purchasing or promoting illegal coins; and then they will receive a yellow card with their Ultimate Team reset as beginning. Finally, the last warning card is red card, which means lifetime inline banned. What’s more, the last but not least key point is that please do not sell or farm coins, which will lead you to be banned in an instant lifetime. EA Sports announced that this ban has already banned hundreds of thousands of accounts, aiming at developing it better and more proactive going forward.



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