FIFA 15 game has made some progresses

The highly anticipated release date of Fifa 15 coins may get closer than ever. There are lots of enhancements in the upcoming FIFA 15 games that include visuals, gameplay, goalkeepers and much more. The new trailers of both the games boast of a next-gen gameplay and wonderful graphics which take football gaming to a whole new level. And group of friends turns Fifa 15 coins in to a real life match. Players can further feel the realistic gameplay from the match. Gameplay, Goalkeepers and Graphics are three of the biggest focuses in this new game, which make it better than ever before.

With the Ignite engine forFifa 15 coins PC, Fifa 15 coinsPS4 and the Xbox 360, the gameplay of the FIFA 15 game has made some progresses. Ball passing and fluidity of the game in FIFA 15 have been improved and the action feels faster, looser, more expressive. And there is also a few more additions such as emotional intelligence, that is, players will cry if they are injured or when they miss an open chance or the crowd boos at him. Goalkeepers were the major flaw in FIFA 14 with too many glitches, so in the upcoming FIFA 15, it needs to be improved to achieve a new level. However, the Next Gen Goalkeepers have been completely rewritten with over 50 new save animations, improved AI and a new, realistic player model. As for the graphics, in FIFA 15, the crowd and presentation of the players on the field has been superb.

On September 23 in North America (September 26 in Europe and September 25 in Espana) FIFA 15 will be released for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The series is easily among the most popular in the world. From some attractive upgrade advantages mentioned above, it seems FIFA 15 will be worth the wait. Let’s stay tuned together.



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