it seems like that Nicklas Bendtner is also the one

Fifa 15 coins As we all known, it’s already sure that the FIFA 15 will be launched in 23rd September in the U.S. and 26th in other countries like the UK. It’s a game that all about scoring goals, which aims at wanting you to get that moment. And the challenge is to make the idea of playing realistic and lifelike football a fun experience. Therefore about the coming FFIA 15 of EA Sports, you are excited and cheered, right? While, here are closer look of five things you need to know before the release date coming.

1. FIFA 15 Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition: There is no Wii U FIFA 15 release and you won’t get all of the features on the older consoles and handhelds which are branded as legacy offerings. More Details CLICK HERE.

2. Play FIFA Early on Xbox One: It’s reported EA has announced the exact date, but expect that people can play FIFA 15 starting on September 21st and 22nd, on Thursday and Friday. Each one of the game-players can have at least 2 hours to experience this game ahead of the releasing time.

3. Amazing FIFA New Features for PS4 / Xbox One / PC: EA adds most of the attractive new features—Emotional Intelligence, Dynamic Presentation, Next Gen GoalKeeper, Team Tactics, Graphics, Living Pitch, Player Control, Man to Man Contact, Better Dribbling and so on. Besides, many of these new features are only available on the new consoles and on PC. So it’s good idea to look at upgrading if you want the best FIFA experience.

4. FIFA 15 Demo: Some people expect FIFA 15 new demo will arrive about two weeks before the new game launched.That is, on 9th September it can be downloaded by free. More Details CLICK HERE. What’s more, gamers prefer to buy games digitally for the ease of playing right away and without switching discs should see a digital FIFA 15 release on Xbox One and PS4.

Messi and Eden Hazard are on the cover in the UK while Clint Dempsey and Messi are on the cover in the U.S. Dempsey may be familiar to many as a key player on the U.S. Mens National Team from the World Cup earlier this year. On the Xbox FIFA 15 release he sports aFifa 15 coins Xbox jersey from the Seattle Sounders, but on the PS4 FIFA15 release he wears the USA National Team jersey. While, it seems like that Nicklas Bendtner is also the one who is popular to be appeared in Lord Bendtner Edition.



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