Jac was steadily advancing “Twelve-Five medium-term adjustment plan” to implement

Jac related people are being mentioned, Fifa 15 coins strategy, Jac was steadily advancing “Twelve-Five medium-term adjustment plan” to implement, adhere to “strengthen and expand commercial vehicle, do fine and excellent passenger car” strategy guide, by upgrading products and services create value for the consumer brand, Jac extended through two major sports marketing and experiential marketing means to build up their own strength. Sports marketing, Jac and CCTV CCTV GO Brazil GAOL section together, travel Brazil World Cup. Meanwhile, second generation of passenger cars also established a strong position in motorsport. Experiential marketing, refine the S5 “for China” in order for the second quarter, and “pleasant flight show” also being done at the national level products in the fourth quarter, Jac to the platform of the strategy, to enhance the competitiveness of its production system. Future, Jac II generation platform will gradually launched new, including MPV plate of Swiss wind M3, and SUV plate of small SUV Swiss wind S3, and new energy car plate of repeatedly IEV5 etc technology development aspects, Jac 1.5TGDI+6DCT combination and into of “Platinum drive Department”, will since 2014 up gradually in Jac II generation passenger cars products Shang carrying; and oriented future of “diamond drive Department” is based Yu new energy level, including engine, and motor, and motor controller, and Automatic transmission and batteries five-dimensional one while in service the traditions of this brands on a short Board,Fifa 15 coinsJac is constantly improved.
2013 Jac presents “King off management, services marketing” concept, origin returned to consumers to consumer needs and interests guide the actions of China economic NET car reviews: potential conspiracy, because of potential lead, homeopathy,May seem to not have feelings, not heroic, but it’s the true meaning of success is the strength of commercial vehicles, MPV have advantages, why not invest more, bigger and stronger. Since the passenger cars are not mature, competition is so fierce in the market, why not slow down and seize the hard skills. Investment returns not expected before, but still desire to fight, it was Jac gambler mentality of a series of moves, economy cars in China seems to be homeopathy for it, is “know what” year of rational choice.



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