prove to yourselves that role Share Play FIFA 15 itself

Through a Sony press he wanted to clarify that due to a connectivity issue Share Play the role was inactive for a few hours just in Fifa 15 coins.
A few days ago news broke that Fifa 15 coins was no longer compatible with the Share function Play PlayStation 4. However, it appears that neither EA nor Sony have decided to remove this feature in the next installment of devoted football simulator. At least, we have made it known from the Japanese company itself.
Through a press release to all the media that covered the event were, from Sony wanted to clarify the issue, saying the information is wrong and the result of a misunderstanding: “Apparently when the news broke the option did not work a simple matter of maintaining servers, which lasted a couple of hours, but the game is fully compatible with Share play and there is no problem, “declared a spokesman for Sony AlfaBetaJuega.
Thus, all those who want to share the new footballing experience with your friends, you can do it without any impediment, so we invite you to prove to yourselves that role Share Play FIFA 15 itself that is available.Let the party begin!



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